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McMenamins' UFO Parade !


May 18th - 21th  2017

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Hotel Oregon in da Port of Portlandia'

Spectral Serpent Moon 17 - 21 UPdate !

Year of the Blue Spectral Storm


Babylon Prison Planet / Planet of the Apes: Name given to modern civilization of exclusive materialism; human mind captured by $12:60 artificial timing frequency where "time is money;" corresponds to the thirteenth Baktun, AD 1618-2012. See the Doctrine of Discovery issued by Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, to be redeemed by the  Galactic Federation  &  The AMerican Republic for which it stands.


Civilization: Patriarchal dominance operating on 12 month framework, an irregular standard of measure referred to by false authority as the "Rule of Law." In complete disregard of nature & natural law; Process of increasing dominance over and separation from natural order "common law."


Corporatocracy Conspiracy: The black boot of government today; Martial law, artificial corporate subjects, fraud, drone industries, technospaien terminators, terrorism, false authority, geoclimate engineering & global "occupation." Responsible for whole sale destruction of Earth's ecology & source of biospheric destruction.


Galactic Federation: A decentralized higher dimensional intelligence organization, responsible for supervising third dimensional free-will experiment now focused on Earth, the third planet out from Kinich Ahau, our local star.

Planetary Service Wavespell: Thirteen moon natural time cycle organized by four fourth dimensional time pulsars.


Pulsars: Fourth dimensional geometry of time synchronizing thirteen-unit wavespell according to four dimensional functions: Time, Life, Sense and Mind.


Telepathy: 4th dimensional power of self-reflective intelligence for unifying the 3rd dimensional species into a Planet A.R.T Network - PAN.


Time Shift: Release from third dimensional time warp into fourth dimensional galactic time, otherwise known as the Synchronic Order where T(E) = A.R.T. !



McMinamins Annual UFO Parade / Festival: No fear, the Galactic Federation comes in Peace ! Join us May 12th-15th in McMinnville Oregon...

Wavespell: Name given to thirteen galactic tones which govern 20 - 13 day cycles of the 260 day galactic spin (13 x 20). Discover R>E>A>L TIME & the 13 moon 28 day matrix of harmonics, chromatics, castles, galactic seasons and more ! We invite you to "think a link" and claim your galactic passport to the Rainbow Bridge - 2016 enjoy !

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Overtone Moon 18, Kin 78, Year of the Cosmick Seed

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