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The Biosphere Noosphere Transition
Discover the Law of Time

The Dynamics of Time & the Evolution of Consciousness


Written by Dr. Jose' Arguelles, Ph.D

5.1 The transition of the biosphere from the unconscious order of instinct to the superconscious order of telepathy is the function of the Law of Time and is referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. The biosphere-noosphere transition is a direct result of exponential biogeochemical complexification and the consequent relaease of "free energy" due to the acceleration of unprecedented thermo-chemical-nuclear transformation of elements.

5.2 It is the human species alone within the biosphere which induces the moment of biogechemical climax. Only the human enters the transition zone of conscious civilization which, by the power of self-reflective thought, becomes an increasingly artificial construct of projected forms dispersed throughout the biosphere.

5.3 Through an error in time, the human species transforms it's artificial construct, civilization, into a global technosphere, the sum product of industrial mechanization of its biological functions. Because the human adaptation to the irregular mechanical 12:60 timing frequncy, the technosphere runs counter to the laws of the biosphere, creating a magnetic instability between the primal crystalline and vital organic processes.

5.4 The evolution of the Galactic Brain follows a strictly regulated process in which the transition from instinctual consciousness to telepathic continuing consciousness is inevitable and represents the ultimate crisis in the development of the biosphere. The error in time only induced what was an inevitable consequence of a species operating with instinctual consciousness and mechanized laws of space, but without knowledge of the Law of Time.

5.5 Within the biosphere, which is wholly and intelligent function of the Galactic Brain, there is a fourth -dimensional auto-regulatory system known as the psi bank. By means of the 13:20 frequency, the psi bank synchronizes the mathmatical program of the DNA into a recording and memory storage system.

5.6 The psi bank is the "brain" of the biosphere, the guiding force of the evolution of time and consciousness governing the evolutionary stages of the biosphere. As the repository of all thought, unconscious and conscious, the psi bank remains in the instinctual unconsciousness until the advent of self-reflective thought. The noosphere is the psi bank made into the continuing conscious regulator of life.

5.7 The discovery of the Law of Time is the precise self-reflective trigger initiating the biosphere-noosphere transition. The biosphere-noosphere transition represents the self-reflective transition from purely third-dimensional operating procedure to a purely fourth-dimensional understanding and operating procedure.

5.8 The discovery of the Law of Time and all its applications define a program for the reorganization of the human social order and the consequent development of telepathic technologies for the amelioration of the environment and the possibility of time travel or telepathic transport.

5.9 By applying and formalizing the Law of Time in all of its implications for the restructuring of the species and the biosphere, the temporary technosphere, the species "placental" bag, is ejected and dissolved. Remagnetized and realigned by the Law of Time, the species emerges into a genuine continuing consciousness making the universal field of telepathy the normative order.

5.10 The entry into the biosphere-noosphere transition is a precisely timed and profoundly evolutionary moment in which the spiral toward full spiritual evolution is universalized. The immediate consequence of conscious realignment with the Law of Time and the autoregulatory mechanism of the biosphere, the psi bank, is the magnetic stabilization of the species and the biopsychic triggering of the circumpolar rings defining Earth's electromagnetic field.

5.11 The effect of the triggering of the circumpolar rings of planet Earth, the noospheric ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is the restoration of the planet's homeostatic flux tube regulator. The flux tube system is the electromagnetic bridging that originally connected the different planets of the solar system by their poles linking them into a system of harmonic resonances maintaining the stability of the entire field of the stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary orbits.

5.12 The entire field of stellar mass is known as the heliocosm. The self-correction of the Earth's biospheric artificial time dysfunction is the critical point in preparing the local heliocosm for its concurrent evolutionary ascent into the fifth force level of galactic chromatic functions. Fifth force galactic chromatics are the fifth-dimensional order of subliminal conscious functions which induce a purely spiritual evolutionary spiral within a given stellar mass.

5.13 Evolution of planetary bodies from biosphere to noosphere are holonomic functions of stellar evolution. The synchronization of planetary noosphere with stellar evolutionary programming marks the advent of the next geological era, the Psychozoic. The Psychozoic Era, is defined as the normative sequence of the evolution of the hyperorganic super conscious of a telepathically unified noosphere.

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