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  Telektonon Science of the Law of Time

+ Produced by Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles +

- A Teaching Program -

  <<< Telektonon Time & Prophecy, Terma & Terton >>>


Knowledge Initiates View:

T1: 13 Moons, the genetic spiral, sequential habit & memory. Cosmology of time; Druid - Pachacuti Count of Kin.

T2: 13 Moooooons... Defining the form of the Cosmology.

T3: 13 Moons, following the form of cosmology, breaking the (12:60) mental forms of dysfunction.

T4: 13 Moons and the Culture of Peace. Law of Time in everyday life... Re-lived TELEPATHY.


 <<< DreamSpell Science of Time; Synchronic Order >>>

Humility Refines Meditation

T5: Cosmogenesis, Dreamspell & Tzolkin: The genetic order of time amplified.

T6: Dreamspell, defining the multiple orders & levels of the 13:20. Tzolkin Universalized.

T7: Dreamspell the 4th Dimensional Toolkit, learning the parts & using the tools.

T8: From the Dreamspell of history to the Galactic Dreamspell, Re-Enchanting the World.


<<< 13 Moon Calendar Science of Time: Cyclical Order, Druid Pachacuti >>>

Patience Transforms Conduct

 T9: TELEKTONON: The Genetic Order of Time & Revelation. Prophetic Lineage of UR Terma & Terton.

T10: TELEKTONON: Defining the telepathic structure of consciousness in time; Interplanetary Mapping.

T11: TELEKTONON: The daily order of time. Unifying the 13 Moons & reading the lines of force.

T12: TELEKTONON: The fulfillment of Prophecy, Dawn of UR, the Universal Religion on Earth.


 <<< Rinri Project - Time and the Biosphere - 260 Postulates >>>

Power Ripens Fruit

T13: Time and the Biosphere: Genetic order of planetary form. Resonant field model and the PSI Bank.

T14: Time and the Biosphere: Understanding the nature of the Biosphere ~ Noosphere Transition.

T15: Rinri Project: Engineering the Biosphere~Noosphere Transition... 260 Postulates.

T16: Rinri Project: The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge and the Planetary Art Spore.


<<< 20 Tablets to the Law of Time - Science of Telepathy - Organic Order >>>

Fruit Empowers Form

 T17: 20 Tablets - Genetic Order of Telepathy - UR Runes, Codons and the Law of Time.

T18: 20 Tablets - 16 year Cube of the Law - Rehearsing the Telepathic Order of Organic Nature.

T19: 20 Tablets - 16 year Cube of the Law - Rearranging the Synchronic Order from AC to CA.

T20: 20 Tablets - Planetary Manitou - Galactic Brain and the meaning of Heaven on Earth.


  <<< Science of Telepathy - Perpetual Order >>>

Form Dissolves into Essence

T21: 7:7::7:7 - Plasma Universe - Psychophysics: Cosmology of Radion and Cubic Parton.

T22: 7:7::7:7 - Cubic Parton - Heptagonon of Mind and the principle of Time Compression.

T23: 7:7::7:7 - Daily Order - The Principle of Self-Initiation - Becoming Cubed.

T24: 7:7::7:7 - The second creation - Self-Realization of Planet Earth - Closing the cycle with grace.


  <<< UR 19=260 - Earth Wizardry - The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge >>>

Essence Relieves Tension

T25: Quran & Tzolkin - The path of the Earth Wizard - 260 Postulates - 19 = 260 - Cosmology of 7.

T26: UR Precepts - Learning the 4th dimensional way of life 2000 - 2004.

T27: Celestial Harmonics - Chrononautical Practices - Goodbye and farewell to "12:60 Civilization."

T28: Dreaming the Highest - Ejecting the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge - Psychoperceptual Technique.

 From the Law of Time to the Rainbow Bridge


 Received in Picarquin Chile' 1998 - 1999

 - From the Seven Week Earth Wizards Seminary -

Compressed into a 7 Day Seminary / Retreat

Your Host Chan Volton IV - PAN Agent 67